Sages of Success

Sages of Success

Welcome! Do you have a problem? Perhaps you are seeking wisdom on how to overcome anxiety. Though it can be fun to take the journey to consult The Oracle at Delphi, perhaps you will humor this former librarian and consider consulting some of our Sages of Success who knowingly or unknowingly have offered their wisdom to those of us in the Community of Courage.

Sages are listed in alphabetical order by last name…


Arnold, Caroline L.

Byrne, Hugh

Cardillo, Joseph

Cheung, Lilian

Chopra, Deepak

Chopra, Gotham

Dozier, Rush W.

Duckworth, Angela

Gladwell, Malcolm

Hagedorn, Michael

Hanh, Thich Naht

Hargrave, Sir John

Honore, Carl

Jiang, Jia


Kelly, Matthew

Klausner, Henriette Anne

Kornfield, Jack

Lerner, Harriet

Lucado, Max

Maxwell, John

McGonigal, Jane

Michels, Barry

Morin, Amy

Neff, Kristin

Robinson, Sir. Ken

Stutz, Phil

Winget, Larry