Who is this James Justus, Anyway?

Who is this James Justus, Anyway?

James Justus may have made a mistake in not pursuing a career as an ambulance chaser or a judge. There are expectations for one with such a name after all. Instead, he has lived a varied career as he searched for his true destiny. He has been a pastor, a pizza delivery driver, a planner of finances, a purveyor of fine antiquities, and  has even been a librarian.

Though the last should strike fear in many considering the vast displays of power a master of library science could invoke, especially when augmented by his mastery of public administration, it has not. And though he loves his occupation, counseling people on how to handle their personal financial planning needs and allaying the fears of small business owners, a niggling kept running through his brain. What could be more vigilante, more bad ass, and more worthy of the name, James Justus, than taking on Fear itself?

It was a daunting challenge. Fear with all of its tendrils playing us like pawns not only affect people individually, but shape the very nature of society. After all, it has done so for millenia.

Our would be hero was not without flaws however. If Superman had his kryptonite, our hero has shellfish. And strawberries. Dogs. Cats. Live Christmas trees. And, well,  let us just say given his allergies, that he has been compared to Bubble Boy on more than one occasion. If Superman was faster than a speeding bullet, our hero was lucky to run five miles an hour.

Ah, but Fear had more to worry about than initially bargained. James understood the power that leverage could bring. What may have started as a simple face plant on a mat in a dojo, is now growing in power and strength. He realized the power that applied knowledge could bring to bear. Allies could lend him guidance and interviews on how they boldly dispensed with Fear’s minions. Our stories could give Fear pause.

Most of all, James recognized the power of community. A community of courage could turn the tide. Armed with mad mental skillz and daily discipline a formidable force could be formed. The Community of Courage could rise up and overthrow fear, anxiety, and worry. Yes, Fear has cause for pause.

Today James Justus reaches out for your support. Will you join him and the rest of the Community of Courage to overthrow the tyrannical rule of Fear?