Fear of Becoming Obsolete

Fear of Becoming Obsolete

Fear of Becoming Obsolete
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Last year an article came out in the Harvard Business Review expressing that one of the greatest fears that people have in the workplace is the fear of becoming obsolete. The problem of course is that change is coming at a more and more rapid pace. Greater risks abound for those that lack the mental flexibility to think in different ways.

Of course implementation of mechanization and technology  with increasing frequency demands change. Those that refuse or are unable may find themselves eventually in a situation of universal basic income.

Perhaps we may even enter an increasing artistic society where the top one hundredth of one percent earn ninety five to ninety nine percent of the revenue while the rest pretty much starve because though we may be nice and talented apparently we do not make the cut of being stellar.

It would not be surprising if we do not become a threatened species. More and more of us will become obsolete. Some may be given forms of entertainment to placate for the interim. Eventually we may become forms of entertainment ourselves a la reality TV. This may even help determine who survives, breeds, etc.

What happens when it is determined that the amount of resources that a typical human uses exceeds their value? Out of the 7.5 billion of us that exist on this planet, how many are needed to preserve the species?

For now working on and building mental flexibility is advocated by different futurists. But what happens when you cannot keep pace? What happens when you can no longer adapt become your mental pathways are so rigid? Though there is danger in wasting time with social media, perhaps the greatest danger is in being alone with one’s thoughts lest one become obsolete.

The gap between the haves and have-nots is widening. Most of us do not even really run across the people who have in our lives. Some have more wealth than whole cities if indeed not whole nations. A shift may becoming from which there may be no return if it has already not taken place. It is just that most of us may be too blind to realize we are obsolete before it is too late…

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