Disconnected from the Digital

Disconnected from the Digital

Disconnected from the Digital
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I have once heard it said that many of us already are cyborgs. After all, how often can we leave our electronics behind even for a few hours? In some ways it is almost as if we should already have computers/cell phones implanted into our bodies. I know that I often tend to freak out when I disconnect and leave my phone and other electronic devices at home and venture without that digital cord.

In the spirit of independence from the digital, I sought childhood days where phones were not part of our all the time being and payphones actually existed for more purpose than a curious sculpture reflecting bygone days. In many ways it seems humorous that one would be so nervous about walking out without a cell phone. How bad could it be to be disconnected for eight hours?

Under the right/wrong circumstances of course it could be bad. And the fact is that I was largely in public places with a large number of people. I was familiar with the area. And chances are that people who may want to connect with me knew that I was out of town and would most likely be okay with my contacting them later. In short there was not really a good reason for why I needed to carry my phone around other than habit.

As soon as I left, I noticed how much I found myself missing my phone. What if I missed a call? An important text? A photo opportunity? Some witty Live Stream? What would happen? What if there were some tragic accident? Other than nervousness, there was nothing.

Gradually it proved to be a boon. There was no phone to check while I was driving. Taking pictures was not an option. Though it may not be as informative, I felt myself being far more in the present. In being disconnected from the digital, I found I was able to connect with the reality around me.

Much of my nervousness over not having my phone with me was pointless. I missed a text. Isn’t that how most of anxiety works? We get upset about something that may be and usually is not? In going against the grain of our anxiety, we may find the freedom to connect with the life we desire.


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