Devotion: Solitude

Devotion: Solitude

Devotion: Solitude
Stars, please!

 “After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. Later that night, he was there alone,” Matthew 14:23

Jesus comes to a place where he had completed a work. In this case he helped feed 5,000 people with the famous story of the loafs and the fishes. Immediately he seeks solitude by sending dismissing the people, sending off the disciples and goes off to the mountains to pray.

Many times in our life we need to spend time in solitude to recharge and think. In fiction, even Superman needed his Fortress of Solitude away from every one. I am heading out to go backpacking around Stone Door to think and reflect. For me it is a good time to commune with God through his creation. Though I will encounter some people, given the thunderstorms that are forecast tonight I do not doubt that I will get some quality time “alone”.

The miracle in our lives is that through recharging and seeking God, we often have the ability to perform the next task. We can be calm amidst the storm. Note how Jesus reacts as he walks out on the water and the disciples see him. A terrible storm is occurring and yet Jesus is calm.

Solitude often provides us with serenity.  It is through that time alone, that many of us can better get on to improve the world around us.

2 thoughts on “Devotion: Solitude

  1. As an empath, I too seek solitude to recharge daily. When unable to break away from a busy place or toxic people, I allow myself to slip into mindful meditation, finding solitude within myself.
    When in a position of anxiety or fear, I practice what my mentors have taught since days of Buddha and Jesus, I turn my thoughts ( or face away) from the fears ( or negatives) and place my thoughts on something that feels better, allowing myself the healing benefit of Peace in the moment. Namaste and Blessings to All.

    1. Tonya,

      Thank you for your response… Peace is a blessed state to be in.


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