Bulking or Fattening Up?

Bulking or Fattening Up?

Bulking or Fattening Up?
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Even though I am fresh off of the half marathon, I weigh more than I have in some time. Though I may be stronger, I definitely have more mass. The great question of course is “Am I bulking up on muscle or am I undoing all of the progress that I made this past year?”  This thought makes me nervous. My goal currently is to weigh 190lbs or less by October 15, 2017.

At last weigh-in I was at 218. I still fit in the same clothes, though truthfully they feel a little more snug… especially through the chest and my glutes. Good news is that once I return from my current business trip, I am slated to get in over 150 miles of backpacking and boot camp.

As we learned from the Story of You, if we want to change our reality, we have to take serious action to make it happen. Once again I am cutting all bread, pasta, etc. My hope is that by eating clean and working out like crazy, I should see the expected results.

But what if?….

What if I don’t?

Doubt can be insidious and prevent us from getting what we want. The first item on my ideal self list is

“I am a picture of vim and vigor who welcomes being photographed.”

It is funny how if we ask, “What are the actions that someone who is ______ would take?” we often get the clue that we need. Burpees apparently are going to be my friend. As will various food tracking apps.

One was taken last July
One was taken today…

Of course it is easy to lie to oneself. Pictures can tell a little bit. And in the case with body composition, few things accurately measure like a bodpod. It measures your true overall density through looking at the amount of air you displace.

I am going to make it a point to go at the end of each quarter to provide proof of what actually is happening. Many go through the phases of yo-yo dieting. Where they lose weight only to gain it back again. It is one of my greatest fears of the idea of not going to the gym… and it appears that I need to mix it up.

Though there is a vanity aspect, I also look to the health of my parents and feel that those reasons are more important. Vim and vigor, remember? To me, that attests to health.

It is funny how much I am conditioned to worry about whether I am bulking or fattening.

What demons do you fight that you are afraid will not go away?



2 thoughts on “Bulking or Fattening Up?

  1. I really identify with you and weight loss. I worry about eating out; afraid I’ll make a bad choice. It’s easy for me to eat clean at home, I’m in charge of what I put in my mouth. I’ve lost 20 lbs since January 1, 2017. Walking every day, strength training recently plus eating healthy works. But still afraid of putting the weight back on. As long as I challenge myself to do better, I hope to continue to be successful and therefore healthy!

    1. Elaine,

      Congratulations on your progress. Really proud of you… Keep up the good work!


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