Tax Anxiety

Tax Anxiety

Tax Anxiety
Stars, please!

Each year for me it rears its head. Anxiety arises over getting all the documentation necessary to file taxes along with its filing. Sometimes it is through having a tax-preparation person. At other times  perhaps we decide to take the plunge and fill out the forms ourselves. Perhaps we may even use Turbo Tax or some other tax preparation form.

Fellow self-employed may find ourselves wondering how much we are going to owe the government this year. For those who are behind, perhaps they are nervous about racking up penalties or late fees. Of course the threat of an audit and all that may entail looms.

There are people who are nervous about taking tests even though they study hard and generally know the material. I tend to feel nervous when dealing with government authorities. This year it appears that I am going to owe around $300 more than I was expecting.

I can only imagine what it would be like to be in the shoes of others I have occasionally run across. They may owe ten, fifty, or even a couple of hundred thousand dollars to the government and are on payment plans. Most likely it is like anything else one encounters. One simply adapts, accepts and moves on. Still, the thought of being in such debt to an authority makes me nervous even though I suppose I should know better.

Perhaps it is due to childhood stories of the government rounding people up in Turkey for the Armenian Genocide and fear of what would happen if the United States did similar things to people who owed taxes. Maybe it is the rise of modern day debtors prisons, despite the abolishing of them two centuries ago by our founding fathers. Yes, it may sound silly, and I find myself nervous each time I file. Like many, I procrastinate, and then just want to complete the torture known as tax filing. Fortunately it is something I only need to experience once per year.

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