Radnor in the Spring

Radnor in the Spring

Radnor in the Spring
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Radnor Lake, Nashville, TNIt’s said that April showers bring May flowers. I am sure there are flowers presently blooming somewhere in Radnor, but the only ones I saw were on trees. It had recently rained and it was relatively tranquil and crowd-free, both because it was a weekday and not picture-perfect weather. All in all, it was a fairly average gray Spring day.

There are a number of people here in the Nashville area who are wild about Radnor Lake State Park. I will agree that it is a welcome and convenient escape. The branches of trees were by and large beginning to leaf. The telltale signs of pollen were evident even with the rain. Life was making itself apparent.

Along the paths, I did not notice the usual wildlife. Usually, there are turkeys and deer. Today, I noticed neither. The turkeys might still be evading hunters since Turkey Season started in Tennessee yesterday. Turtles in the distance were the only wildlife of the day sunbathed on a log. Walking along the edge of the lake, I did not notice the usual ducks or otters. Just because Winter releases its grasp apparently does not mean that animals may not be somewhat weary of threatening storms. Spring has a call of its own.

Radnor Lake, Nashville, TNNo doubt, when it is calmer the animals will more likely be out in force. It is funny how content they are to wander around when they do not feel threatened. I have noticed such tends to be the case in larger parks like Radnor. Animals do not scamper at the slightest movement. They walk and observe, sometimes even curious as to what they may see.

Spring may be a good time for curiosity to see what a change in seasons brings. That notion resonates with me today. Of course, just like storms, other dangers may wait. Still, I believe the turtles had the right idea. Perhaps it is time to stick my head out of my shell and see what wonders the world has in store.

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