Devotion 4: Owning Your Purpose

Devotion 4: Owning Your Purpose

Devotion 4: Owning Your Purpose
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In Matthew 8, we see Jesus come down from the mountainside where he presumably had finished giving his sermon on the mount. He has just given what may be his most famous teachings to a large gathering. Even though Jesus taught and healed, perhaps his main purpose was to spread his teaching. That meant once a crowd had been addressed, it was time to go elsewhere to see the teaching was spread.

He tells his disciples, many of whom were fisherman, that they were to cross a lake. A storm comes up and they are freaking out. Jesus meanwhile is sleeping. His disciples wake him up and he calms the storm. The disciples are left in wonder.

I inwardly smile when business owners complain to me about their employees. Many new business owners expect their employees to want to work as hard as they do and express dismay at the lack of follow through. They often will cite that they can do so much more than any one of their employees. New business owners complain that their employees do not seem to care and give up easily.

This, of course, is no surprise to me. After all, it is unlikely that business owners are going to be better leaders than Jesus. If all of the employees had the same degree of drive and talent, it is highly unlikely they would be employees. They would be working their own businesses. When explained in this manner most business owners get it. The same is true in all aspects of life when one owns one’s purpose as opposed to just playing at it.

Many diet and exercise fad people may clock in to do a number of weeks of exercise or eaten certain foods for a period of time. Perhaps they have brief success and then it is back to the way things were. There are many distractions. It is easy to revert back to other habits because we tend to think of things as jobs or tasks rather than as our purpose or as our lifestyle.

When we live according to our purpose, we can simply acknowledge the storms, deal with them and move on.  Storms will arise and we simply need to get to the other side of the lake. When we focus on purpose and do not need to be anxious about the event or the situation. When we live life with purpose it is easier to not be anxious and wonder why others are afraid. It is the lack of belief, the lack of ownership of their purpose that can drag many down, not the storms that arise in our lives.


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